Aug 24

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Two for Tuesday

Haven’t had an opportunity to post my daily picture…my BlackBerry was dead this morning (learned a valuable lesson on how the USB ports work on my laptop when it is in hibernation) so I will post a picture later tonight. So far two for two in getting up in the morning and walking. (Also, packed my lunch for the second day in a row.) This week I am starting off with a mile and will look to increase next week. Though at lunch today I decided to climb to the top of the parking deck via the stairway and then walked down. It was only 3 sets of stairs to the top, but each set was a total of 18 steps. Going to pick up a new suit tonight. No…not a smaller one. Basically the suit I am picking up from the store is one of the reasons I am starting this journey. A 60″ waist became the last straw!

Monday brings some change..

Wow…what a fast weekend. I am pretty pleased the way it went all-in-all. Was able to eat right during the weekend and kept myself hydrated. So starting off the week I have made a commitment to start going to bed earlier and get up in the morning and do at least some sort of exercise. Last night I was asleep before 10:30 which is a good two hours ahead of what is normal. And I was up at 5:40, which is about 45 minutes earlier than normal. I went for a walk with my wife and dog this morning and am starting the day off a little more refreshed. Another change I made is that I packed breakfast and lunch to take to work.

I am trying to make my change a little at a time so that I don’t become overwhelmed with them and not continue to follow through. So this week my change is more sleep and exercise to go along with eating healthy. So far first week total loss is 10.2 lbs.


Aug 23


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My New Blogging Tool – Postie!

Well hopefully this works. I discovered the Postie plug-in and I have decided to give it a try. I have tested it successfully on my test blog so I am going to try it live here at TPAW. If this works how I think it will, I am really going to enjoy posting this way. Also, my pics will be stored on my server and not Flickr’s which is what I wanted all along. Well here goes with the test!


Aug 22

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Aug 21

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Attack of the Gall Bladder

Went to bed early last night because of a gall bladder attack. I haven’t had one in awhile and last nights was pretty painful. All I could do was roll around until I got in a comfortable spot and then I fell asleep. Weird dreams last night. Seemed it was all about food temptation…yes I did end up cheating by taking a piece of chocolate cake. I hate those dreams. I got them when I quit smoking…dreamed I was lighting up again. You wake up feeling like you did something wrong. The good news is that it was just a dream.
I Didn’t charge my phone last night so no picture to post yet today.


So far I have done well from a food and water intake perspective this week…exercise, well not so good.  I have tried to do little things like climb more stairs and use the elevator less.  Park my car farther away and walk more.  Somehow I need to find a time to do this…..okay I know how to find time.  I just need to get up earlier than what I do.; which in turn means I need to go to bed earlier.  Looks like I need to make more of a lifestyle change.

Aug 20

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