Plantar Fasciitis Schmiitis

Recently I have started to have severe pains in the heel of my right foot. This has really intensified over the course of the last three weeks as I have started walking more and doing our Sunday nature trail hikes. By Sunday evening I can hardly put any weight on my right foot and the most comfortable pair of shoes to wear is a pair of Crocs (yes, I proudly own a pair of Crocs and love wearing them!) Literally by the next morning just getting out of bed is very painful and arduous process. Once I get moving and things loosen up the pain subsides, but doesn’t really go completely away.

Since the Doctor’s office isn’t my most favorite place to visit, I decided that the self diagnosis trail looked friendly enough. So after channeling the podiatric powers of Dr. Scholl, I diagnosed myself as having a raging case of “Plantar Fasciitis.” Which is also known by a much less scientific name as “heel spurs.” I know what you are thinking out there…now wait just a gosh darn podiatric minute…how does he know that this is what is causing him all the pain? That answer is easy…I typed in “heel pain” in a Google search box and that opened up a plethora of podiatry information for me. As it turns out my symptoms were spot on to the diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. Sharp pain in the heel of my foot, typically worse in the morning or after long periods of not being on my feet. This matched up very closely with everything I have read online.

The good news is that it appears with doing some simple stretch exercises (a shout out of thanks to my lovely wife for showing me these exercises)

Also, a good arch support and heel pad from trusty Dr. Scholl (Also, a recommendation from my wife.) has also helped to subside the pain. If any of you out there are experiencing this type of pain there is some good information at I know…go figure. And for those inquiring minds yes, is a registered domain name (rats! I always like to add a new domain name to my collection. I am still trying to figure out how to utilize :) .) but it is nothing more than an advertisement site with no real information on heel spurs.

Here’s to much happier trails next week on our hike!

Why I hate watching the Biggest Loser #BL

Okay….so in looking at my web site’s visitor logs it appears that there may actually be one or two people that have stumbled across my blog. As well one of these visitors may have actually may read one of my posts. Well, with this being said, I would imagine that the typical demographic of my reader is someone that has heard of the television show Biggest Loser and most likely watched at least one or a dozen of the episodes. Given the title of the post I am sure I may rankle a few people, but’s my blog and I can write what I want.

September is the month that marks the end of summer, but it is also the month that all of the new television shows come back. This week was the season premier of the Biggest Loser on Tuesday night. While I have seen some episodes from different seasons, the only season I watched completely was Season 7 (This was the second “couples” season.) Initially I never really didn’t want to watch the show mainly because I was embarrassed about my own weight. But since I am a reality TV junkie and for whatever reason we as a family started watching Season 7 (we do this with the Amazing Race as well.) There were times during that season I was completely turned me off by certain events in the show. Mainly it boiled down to the “motivational” techniques that Bob and Jillian use. I get it…it’s television and all…but, really? This is how personal trainer motivates someone? Nothing like berating someone, breaking them down and reducing them to tears for all the world to see. I know they signed up for it…and that is great, but for me not what I like to see.

Probably the biggest turn-off that I have for the show happened on the premier episode of Season 8. They started off with an immunity challenge that was a one mile race that caused two of the contestants to be hospitalized. Really?..this is the entertainment that we want to watch?….lets have 16 morbidly obese people race a mile all for the sake of immunity. Watching the contestants fall down along the race and cry because they can’t go on, then as a special treat we get to see them taken to a hospital right after a word from the sponsor’s. That is exactly the point when I became completely disgusted with the show and turned it off.

So fast forward a couple to this past Tuesday night I find the first episode of the new show on. It looks pretty feel good from the start and I don’t object to anyone in the room and I go along with watching the show. We watched it right up until the point of watching the race and seeing the first person go down to the ground during the race. At that point I reached my limit and the channel was changed. I don’t know if the person got up with out any problems or if he had to be rushed to the hospital for cardiac arrest. At this point I am completely done with watching the show.

Now I am sure that many people out there will play arm chair psychologist after reading this post. And they will surmise that I am just feeling this way because I don’t want to face facts about my own weight. Well I would obviously disagree as I am making an effort to do something about leading a healthier lifestyle….but, on the off chance that you are right, so be it. Though I can tell you with certainty that my Tuesday evenings will not be spent watching the Biggest Loser.

As always, feel free to comment. This way I know someone besides my very beautiful wife ;) is reading what I write.

You like me…you really like me!

Okay….I am just being facetious. I actually received my first spam comment post yesterday. So it appears that my blog has reached at least a level of popularity that a spammer has actually viewed it, and then took the time to try and post a spam message. Well there is 30 seconds of his life that he will never get back, and about 3 seconds of mine to recognize that it was spam and then click the trash button.

Monday Morning Blues

For actually losing a little weight this week (OWi 357.2 down a total of 15lbs.) I am feeling a little “blah” this morning. I am going to attribute this to not getting enough sleep last night. I walked quite a bit yesterday on some nature trails and one of my heels was really bothering me last night, so I made a decision that I wasn’t going to walk in the morning. With that decision made, I reverted back to my old ways and stayed awake much too late last night.  When it was all said and done I only got about five and a half hours of sleep.

Then as a sign I heard a news report on the radio this morning that shorting yourself on sleep one night can have reprucussions through out the entire week as the body tries to catch up. Marvelous….just what I wanted to hear this morning. I guess that goes to show you how important sleep is to the body.

Okay…here a are a few NSV’s that I have noticed.

I am able to walk farther with out feeling winded. Clothes are continuing to fit looser. Twice last week friends have asked if I had gotten new glasses (wearing the same ones for the last 6 months.) Able to bend over and tie my shoes easier.

I am sure there are a few more that I am not remembering, but for now that will do.

Hope the week goes better.

Retaining Water like the Hoover Dam

Ever since I fell I have been taking Naproxen to help with some of the pain in my ribs. At first I thought I just bruised a rib, but as time has gone on I really think I may have cracked a rib. Anyway…since taking the Naproxen my weight hasn’t moved much, and I have been doing all the right things that should make the scale move at leat a little. Well, I was feeling pretty good and decided to stop taking the Naproxen yesterday and it was like the levy broke and the flood waters rushed forth. Warning! This next part may fall into the category of TMI. All day yesterday I did nothing but make trips to the restroom, the amount of fluid that I was expelling was quite a large amount. And this happened several times through out the day. So last night when I got home I jumped on the scale (as I normally do), much to my amazement, I was down almost three pounds from my morning weight which I could only really attribute to the amount of times I visited the restroom earlier in the day. Now comes the crappy part. Once the Naproxen started to leave my system the pain came back in my rib cage (which has led me to believe that. So last night I started taking the Naproxen again…and it looks like once again I can look forward to retaining water like the Hoover Dam, and the needle on my scale staying as still as a marble statue.

Blue Sky Mining

It was a gorgeous day yesterday blue sky as far as the eye could see and temperatures in the low 70′s. Ever since I cracked (at least I think it may be cracked) a rib last week I have not done much exercising. However, Sunday as a family we started an autumn walking tour of all of the metro parks in the county the we live in. (Medina county, Ohio.) Our local metro parks has a program that if you hike 12 out of the 15 nature trails located at the parks they give you a nice nap/back pack for free if you are a county resident (for a nominal fee you can get one even if you live out of the county.) So yesterday we packed up my 8 year old and met up with some others from my son’s Cub Scout Pack and hit the trail hiking trails at 3 of the parks. We walked a total of about 3 miles and enjoyed some great hidden gems. One of the parks I had never been to and discovered they have a pond stocked with trout and bass. I definitely will be back to do some fishing with my son!

This type of walking is much different than the walking in the neighborhood that I do in the morning. I can certainly feel the difference in some of my lower body muscle groups. All in all we had a nice time and we are looking forward to “earning” our back packs and seeing the rest of the area parks!

Sons of Anarchy caused my bruised ribs…#SOA

Well, it appears that I just have a case of bruised ribs and not a cracked one. They are feeling a little better this morning, but they made for an uncomfortable nights sleep. Which in turn sucked away my motivation for wanting to get up and walk this morning. I hate when that happens. The key for me, and probably like most people is to have a routine. Go to bed at a certain time, wake up at a certain time, exercise at a certain time, weigh myself at a certain time… get the point. When I break my routine I tend to have a hard time keeping up with everything else. This all started earlier this week on Tuesday night. I wanted to stay up an watch the season premier of Sons of Anarchy Tuesday night. Well, that meant going to bed later than usual at 11:30PM which caused me to wake up Wednesday morning not feeling completely refreshed, which then may have played apart in tripping and falling on my walk, which led to a case of bruised ribs and not wanting to walk this morning. All of this because I broke my bedtime routine.

And as a side note I was a little disappointed by the episode of SOA. Pretty much it was a dud until the last 10 minutes of the episode. I should have paid attention to my wife and just watched it on the DVR later.

Down goes Frazier…

One of the hazards of walking at 5:45am is that it is still dark outside and tough to see an uneven joint in a sidewalk. However, my foot found one just fine this morning and yep…you guessed it…down I went. In good form as I started to go down I tucked my arm and did a half barrel roll driving my elbow into my ribs. As my wife looked back at me in genuine concern I really wanted to say “and that’s how I roll baby!” Except that was a sharp pain in my ribs and taking a breath was just plain uncomfortable. Fast-forward about 5 hours later and I can tell you it feels like I may have either cracked a rib or at the very least bruised them. Deep breaths, sharp turns of my torso and any cough brings a sharp pain to my ribcage. In the immortal words of Carl Spackler “so I got that going for me now…which is nice!”


Time…where does it go?…3 weeks into my “life change” and I had an OWi this morning of 358.4.  The three weeks has seemed like forever and a blink.  So far I am down 13.8lbs.  I wanted to be down further, but hey the blog says two pounds a week right?

Here are some of the things that I have done so far these past three weeks:

  • I have eaten much more healthier with better portion control.
  • I have introduced moderate exercise.
  • I am now getting more sleep each night.
  • I am drinking minimum 64 ounces of water a week.
  • I have not had a soft drink, diet or otherwise in 3 weeks.

Here are some of the things that I have noticed:

  • I feel like I have more energy.
  • I wake up feeling rested and go to work with more energy.
  • I go to the bathroom a hell of a lot more!
  • My seatbelt in my car fits better.
  • I moved a notch on my belt.

Hopefully in 3 more weeks there will be more changes than just the scale.


I stepped on the scale this morning and didn’t see a whole lot of movement.  Been a little disappointing not seeing the number move south.  Though I will say I ate more at lunch yesterday than I should have.  Though I was good last night at the local high school football game.  No nachos with cheese, hot dogs or popcorn.  Just a bottle of water was all I needed.  I was proud that we went out for ice cream after the game and I was able to resist.  Took a small sip from my son’s chocolate shake and I was good.

Hope the reset of the weekend goes this way.  I just need to work in some exercise.