Hump Day

Middle of the week…hump day, not close enough to Friday, but Monday seems like a week ago. For some reason this week I don’t feel like I am doing as well as last week. I kind of have that feeling like I am caught in the doldrums. I didn’t do as well as I could have with dinner last night and it showed on the scale this morning. I know…I know…you don’t lose every day, but dammit I should not have had those 8+ fried shrimp at dinner. The salad with a salmon filet was plenty. Note to self: Move the damn platter of food somewhere else if it is tempting you.

Funny I have lost 10lbs., but my dress shirt and suit pants seemed to fit tight this morning. Not sure what was up with that, but I certainly wasn’t thrilled about it.

Time to conquer the day.

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