Two weeks in…

Well it has been a fast two weeks…I weighed in this morning at 360 even. Which is a total 2 week loss of 12.2 lbs., but a one week loss of only around 2lbs. But hey…that is just living up to my blogs name…two pounds a week is the name, so consequently two pounds a week hould be my game. Though the weekend was okay I didn’t exercise and I probably ate a few things that I shouldn’t have. I find that the later I stay up the more I tend to want to snack. I have changed my bedtime during the week so that I am in bed before 10:30pm, unfortunately on the weekend I revert back to the midnight or later bedtime. It is something I need to pay attention to in the furture.

One of the other lifestyle changes is that I am trying to do more of the grocery shopping. This way I can moderate what foods come into the house. It would certainly be easier to shop for if it was just my wife and I and not for the boys as well. Shopping for the kids can be a challenge; making sure that not only am I buying things that are good for them, but that they will actually eat what I buy.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks at dinner. The grocery store I shop at had a seafood sale this weekend and I loaded up on scallops, shrimp and salmon. I am a huge fan of the Macaroni Grill’s spinach and scallop salad and I want to recreate it at home. Has anyone else had that entrĂ©e? Less than 400 calories and very filling.

Well lunch is over and time to get back to work.

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