When Tuesday feels like a Monday…

Today is definitely feeling like a Monday. It all started last night about 9:15pm when I thought I would just lay down on the couch for a few minutes. I have been going to bed around 10:15pm during the week and I was yawning last night and thought I would just lay down and finish watching a show I had DVR’d, pack my lunch and breakfast for the next day, and then head to bed. I don’t think I made it to the first commercial before I was peacefully sleeping. I did finally make it to the bed, but I was in a sleep stupor and didn’t check the alarm clock. So when I woke up this morning it was too late to get my walk in. I just had time to do the normal morning routine stuff and get ready for work. I was pissed at myself because I had been doing so well at getting up in the AM and at least getting some small bit of exercise in to get the day started. Oh well…looks like I am going to have to fit my walk in this evening at some point.

I did manage to jump on the scale and saw that I was flat from yesterday so for me that is a positive. I ate a little more for dinner than I should have. Again, I keep stressing that this is a lifestyle change, and while I am trying to eat healthier I am not dieting as much as I am watching my portion control. Last night’s dinner was meatloaf with mashed red skin potatoes, fresh green beans and a small plain salad made with iceberg lettuce. Overall it was a pretty stock Midwest, the kind your mother used to make, stick to your ribs, blue plate diner special type of dinner. So with something like that portion control is key for me. My problem is that I need to push away from the table when I am done or take the food off of the table. Because if I sit there long enough with it I am going to go back for seconds. Which even if it is healthy the second trip isn’t a good think for me. I need to learn to eat sensible meals with sensible portions.

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