Down goes Frazier…

One of the hazards of walking at 5:45am is that it is still dark outside and tough to see an uneven joint in a sidewalk. However, my foot found one just fine this morning and yep…you guessed it…down I went. In good form as I started to go down I tucked my arm and did a half barrel roll driving my elbow into my ribs. As my wife looked back at me in genuine concern I really wanted to say “and that’s how I roll baby!” Except that was a sharp pain in my ribs and taking a breath was just plain uncomfortable. Fast-forward about 5 hours later and I can tell you it feels like I may have either cracked a rib or at the very least bruised them. Deep breaths, sharp turns of my torso and any cough brings a sharp pain to my ribcage. In the immortal words of Carl Spackler “so I got that going for me now…which is nice!”

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