Blue Sky Mining

It was a gorgeous day yesterday blue sky as far as the eye could see and temperatures in the low 70′s. Ever since I cracked (at least I think it may be cracked) a rib last week I have not done much exercising. However, Sunday as a family we started an autumn walking tour of all of the metro parks in the county the we live in. (Medina county, Ohio.) Our local metro parks has a program that if you hike 12 out of the 15 nature trails located at the parks they give you a nice nap/back pack for free if you are a county resident (for a nominal fee you can get one even if you live out of the county.) So yesterday we packed up my 8 year old and met up with some others from my son’s Cub Scout Pack and hit the trail hiking trails at 3 of the parks. We walked a total of about 3 miles and enjoyed some great hidden gems. One of the parks I had never been to and discovered they have a pond stocked with trout and bass. I definitely will be back to do some fishing with my son!

This type of walking is much different than the walking in the neighborhood that I do in the morning. I can certainly feel the difference in some of my lower body muscle groups. All in all we had a nice time and we are looking forward to “earning” our back packs and seeing the rest of the area parks!

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