Retaining Water like the Hoover Dam

Ever since I fell I have been taking Naproxen to help with some of the pain in my ribs. At first I thought I just bruised a rib, but as time has gone on I really think I may have cracked a rib. Anyway…since taking the Naproxen my weight hasn’t moved much, and I have been doing all the right things that should make the scale move at leat a little. Well, I was feeling pretty good and decided to stop taking the Naproxen yesterday and it was like the levy broke and the flood waters rushed forth. Warning! This next part may fall into the category of TMI. All day yesterday I did nothing but make trips to the restroom, the amount of fluid that I was expelling was quite a large amount. And this happened several times through out the day. So last night when I got home I jumped on the scale (as I normally do), much to my amazement, I was down almost three pounds from my morning weight which I could only really attribute to the amount of times I visited the restroom earlier in the day. Now comes the crappy part. Once the Naproxen started to leave my system the pain came back in my rib cage (which has led me to believe that. So last night I started taking the Naproxen again…and it looks like once again I can look forward to retaining water like the Hoover Dam, and the needle on my scale staying as still as a marble statue.

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