Monday Morning Blues

For actually losing a little weight this week (OWi 357.2 down a total of 15lbs.) I am feeling a little “blah” this morning. I am going to attribute this to not getting enough sleep last night. I walked quite a bit yesterday on some nature trails and one of my heels was really bothering me last night, so I made a decision that I wasn’t going to walk in the morning. With that decision made, I reverted back to my old ways and stayed awake much too late last night. ¬†When it was all said and done I only got about five and a half hours of sleep.

Then as a sign I heard a news report on the radio this morning that shorting yourself on sleep one night can have reprucussions through out the entire week as the body tries to catch up. Marvelous….just what I wanted to hear this morning. I guess that goes to show you how important sleep is to the body.

Okay…here a are a few NSV’s that I have noticed.

I am able to walk farther with out feeling winded. Clothes are continuing to fit looser. Twice last week friends have asked if I had gotten new glasses (wearing the same ones for the last 6 months.) Able to bend over and tie my shoes easier.

I am sure there are a few more that I am not remembering, but for now that will do.

Hope the week goes better.

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