Why I hate watching the Biggest Loser #BL

Okay….so in looking at my web site’s visitor logs it appears that there may actually be one or two people that have stumbled across my blog. As well one of these visitors may have actually may read one of my posts. Well, with this being said, I would imagine that the typical demographic of my reader is someone that has heard of the television show Biggest Loser and most likely watched at least one or a dozen of the episodes. Given the title of the post I am sure I may rankle a few people, but’s my blog and I can write what I want.

September is the month that marks the end of summer, but it is also the month that all of the new television shows come back. This week was the season premier of the Biggest Loser on Tuesday night. While I have seen some episodes from different seasons, the only season I watched completely was Season 7 (This was the second “couples” season.) Initially I never really didn’t want to watch the show mainly because I was embarrassed about my own weight. But since I am a reality TV junkie and for whatever reason we as a family started watching Season 7 (we do this with the Amazing Race as well.) There were times during that season I was completely turned me off by certain events in the show. Mainly it boiled down to the “motivational” techniques that Bob and Jillian use. I get it…it’s television and all…but, really? This is how personal trainer motivates someone? Nothing like berating someone, breaking them down and reducing them to tears for all the world to see. I know they signed up for it…and that is great, but for me not what I like to see.

Probably the biggest turn-off that I have for the show happened on the premier episode of Season 8. They started off with an immunity challenge that was a one mile race that caused two of the contestants to be hospitalized. Really?..this is the entertainment that we want to watch?….lets have 16 morbidly obese people race a mile all for the sake of immunity. Watching the contestants fall down along the race and cry because they can’t go on, then as a special treat we get to see them taken to a hospital right after a word from the sponsor’s. That is exactly the point when I became completely disgusted with the show and turned it off.

So fast forward a couple to this past Tuesday night I find the first episode of the new show on. It looks pretty feel good from the start and I don’t object to anyone in the room and I go along with watching the show. We watched it right up until the point of watching the race and seeing the first person go down to the ground during the race. At that point I reached my limit and the channel was changed. I don’t know if the person got up with out any problems or if he had to be rushed to the hospital for cardiac arrest. At this point I am completely done with watching the show.

Now I am sure that many people out there will play arm chair psychologist after reading this post. And they will surmise that I am just feeling this way because I don’t want to face facts about my own weight. Well I would obviously disagree as I am making an effort to do something about leading a healthier lifestyle….but, on the off chance that you are right, so be it. Though I can tell you with certainty that my Tuesday evenings will not be spent watching the Biggest Loser.

As always, feel free to comment. This way I know someone besides my very beautiful wife ;) is reading what I write.

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