Plantar Fasciitis Schmiitis

Recently I have started to have severe pains in the heel of my right foot. This has really intensified over the course of the last three weeks as I have started walking more and doing our Sunday nature trail hikes. By Sunday evening I can hardly put any weight on my right foot and the most comfortable pair of shoes to wear is a pair of Crocs (yes, I proudly own a pair of Crocs and love wearing them!) Literally by the next morning just getting out of bed is very painful and arduous process. Once I get moving and things loosen up the pain subsides, but doesn’t really go completely away.

Since the Doctor’s office isn’t my most favorite place to visit, I decided that the self diagnosis trail looked friendly enough. So after channeling the podiatric powers of Dr. Scholl, I diagnosed myself as having a raging case of “Plantar Fasciitis.” Which is also known by a much less scientific name as “heel spurs.” I know what you are thinking out there…now wait just a gosh darn podiatric minute…how does he know that this is what is causing him all the pain? That answer is easy…I typed in “heel pain” in a Google search box and that opened up a plethora of podiatry information for me. As it turns out my symptoms were spot on to the diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. Sharp pain in the heel of my foot, typically worse in the morning or after long periods of not being on my feet. This matched up very closely with everything I have read online.

The good news is that it appears with doing some simple stretch exercises (a shout out of thanks to my lovely wife for showing me these exercises)

Also, a good arch support and heel pad from trusty Dr. Scholl (Also, a recommendation from my wife.) has also helped to subside the pain. If any of you out there are experiencing this type of pain there is some good information at I know…go figure. And for those inquiring minds yes, is a registered domain name (rats! I always like to add a new domain name to my collection. I am still trying to figure out how to utilize :) .) but it is nothing more than an advertisement site with no real information on heel spurs.

Here’s to much happier trails next week on our hike!

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