This sucks!

Well it has been about 6 months since my last post. Which means that if I was losing two pounds a week I would have lost about 50 pounds by now. Oh har dee har har! As you can guess if I haven’t written anything in the past 6 months the chances that I have been losing weight are pretty nil. Actually I have done a pretty good job of packing on a few pounds.

So here I am looking at the scale that has dust on it, and pretty much terrified to even get on it. Trying to even exercise a little is proving to be more than difficult as with the increased weight comes a sore back when I walk for any period of time over 5 minutes, and a knee that doesn’t feel good going up and down stairs.

So today I am going to once again re-affirm to myself that I can do this. There are some things I need to do differently in order for making this work! I am thinking that I need to almost become OCD about this, maybe a start a food diary? I am a numbers guy, maybe by counting all the calories and carbs and protein and fat that I am taking in I will be more diligent. Only works if you do it religiously.

Today I will post online what I had for lunch. So far today I have drank a 110 calorie EAS shake for breakfast, had a dark chocolate ThinkThin bar for a mid morning snack. The bar was a faux pas I should have cut it in half. It was 230 calories and had 20 grams of protein. In hindsight I should have cut it in half and ate half in the afternoon. Lunch was a chicken breast that came off of a rotisserie and serving of fatoosh salad from my favorite Lebanese lunch place (Wafa’s in downtown Akron, OH.) Dinner will consist of another shake and snack will be a some sort of nutritional bar.

So for today I am off to a decent start. I just need to complete the day the same way.

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