Please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times…

tink…tink…tink….tink….It appears that my ride on the bariatric roller coaster is about to begin. I finally got tired of waiting on the mail to arrive with my schedule information so I called into Dr. Dan’s office. Once again, I will say that I was impressed with the level of customer service I received from the Summa Bariatric Center. I gave the woman who answered the phone my name, and before I could explain what I was trying to accomplish with the call she was already starting give me the info that I was looking for. Customer service is a big thing with me and this just shows that they do care about me and making sure I get what I need.

She explained that my packet was actually going out later today, but she took the time to fill me in on some of the immediate appointment dates. So far I have a total of 4 appointments scheduled from next week through the end of January, though she did say there were other things I will need to schedule on my own. In the immediate future I have 3 appointments scheduled over the next 4 weeks with the first step being a psychological examination…this ought to be good…and the a meeting scheduled a few weeks after that with the actual psychologist…again….this ought to be good. I guess we will see just how whacked out I really am. Though I am sure there is going to be nothing unique, doubtful that they will be using my findings in a case study.

Well now the mystery of waiting is over….I know that the process is now moving forward. tink…tink…tink…tink….the car is slowly getting to the top of the hill.

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