I flew across the Atlantic more than 30 times last year…

…and other stupid questions. Yesterday I had to go take the psychological exam at the Bariatric Center. The test comprised of 165 True and False questions that ranged from how I felt about myself, how I think others felt about me, whether I thought my religious beliefs would be the answer, and of course my favorite was question, number 106, “I flew across the Atlantic more than 30 times last year.” The close runner up for favorite question was number 124 “I was on the front cover of several magazines recently.” Millon MDMB Test QuestionsThese were obviously control questions put in place just far enough into the test so that they can see if some one is just running through the test without reading the questions. After reading those questions my mind was already racing with thoughts. What if some one answered those questions honestly? I so wanted to answer “Yes” to both of those so I could see what the psychologist would say to me when I meet them next to go over the results.

So now I sit and wait again for my next appointment with the actual psychologist to go over the results. Once again, hurry up and wait.

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