Not looking to buy any more crazy…I am all stocked up!

Well I just finished my first of two required visits with the Psychologist at the Bariatric office. For the time being it looks like I have her green light and only need to complete the next meeting. The meeting itself was good, Dr. Perkins was very nice and it was a good conversation. Mainly the questions were about if I knew what I was getting myself into and how I was planning on dealing with it. There were the obligatory family history questions, past history with any forms of therapy, and if I had any drug or alcohol dependencies. I was a little disappointed that she didn’t ask how many times I flew across the Atlantic last year! Basically my childhood is pretty bland, parents were married, lived in the burbs, no one diddled me as a kid, and I don’t think my dad ever took a belt to me, though I was grounded many, many times. The discussion got interesting when we talked about the 80′s and my use of alcohol and other mood enhancing substances during those years. I don’t think she was expecting me to be as blunt and honest as I was. Truth be told I had a lot of fun in the 80′s, I mean it was a great time to be in your early 20′s, what do you expect it was the era of pre-AIDs and mid-Coke. There was plenty of fun to be had by all! All in all this meeting was good, painless, and somewhat uneventful. Next up my Endoscopy next Monday and my meeting with the nutritionist later in the week.

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