Twilight…not the vampires

Well the process keeps moving in a positive direction. Yesterday I had the joy of going in for an upper endoscopy with Dr. Dan. Again, I will preface this by saying that once again I had another positive experience with people at Summa – Akron City Hospital in general, from the free valet parking for the procedure to the nurses in the Endoscopy unit, everyone was great to work with. The procedure itself was pretty non-eventful and there is not much to remember. The procedure was performed while I was under the influence of a “twilight” sedative and I remember very little. I woke up in the recovery area with pretty much no recollection, though I do vaguely remember the sensation of something being in my throat, but I wouldn’t classify it as painful, only a mild discomfort. All in all the worst part of the whole thing is that they numb the throat first with some spray while you are still awake. The spray tastes somewhere between dirty socks and dog doo. Why they couldn’t have sprayed that in my throat after they gave me the night-night juice I will never know. Note to self, ask the doc that question the next time I see him.

So I can tick another pre-req off the list. Now on to my appointment with the nutritionist tomorrow.

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