New Year…..big changes ahead

It has been a few weeks since I have put any words on the screen. Thought I would give all my readers (who am I kidding, most of my readers are bots that do spam comment submissions) a short update to what is transpiring. Once again I am in the “wait stage” of the hurry up and wait cycle. I did the last of my testing the day after Christmas. Not sure why I thought 8:00AM on December 26th was a good time for me to do my testing, but none the less I was there and Summa did not dissapoint me in moving me through the system somewhat efficiently. Then again, it wasn’t prime time for people coming in. Next up is my second manadatory meeting with the psychologist which is not schedueld for a few weeks yet. Once this happens then hopefully I will be cleared to get a surgery date scheduled. I have been a little dpressed lately as I did not have a great time with staying away from sweets over the holiday, and I really just want to get on with my journey. Hopefully I will be ringing in 2014 weighing a lot less than what I do today.

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