Chocolate Flavored Gym Socks

Quite possibly the worst taste in the world is the taste of an EAS AdvantEDGE shake that has gone bad. So my morning routine is grab a shake on the way out the door in the morning and drink it on my way to work for breakfast. This morning like any other morning I grabbed the shake on my way out the door and headed off down the road. Now let me preface this next part by saying that there seemed to be a fair amount of frost this morning and my power windows were frosted shut and wouldn’t open. My first clue that something was amiss this morning is that the shake box felt a little different. Is was like it was pumped up with air pressure, it felt like I had put it in the freezer and it expanded by 25%. Still this did not quite phase me as I tore the little piece of foil of the top and took a big hit of hit. Right about the time the first “chunk” of shake was hitting my taste buds the smell that was emanating from the box started to hit my nostrils. My reaction I am sure was comical to look at…I am sure my eyes bugged out and my face was contorted to an unrecognizable shape. I was doing everything in my poser not to spew all over my steering wheel. The first thing I did was try to put down the car window….see above why this didn’t work. Let me pause to tell you what the taste and smell was like so that you can get a visual. First the smell, imaging if you would taking a one of the those little re-sealable bottles of milk you get from McDonalds and drink all but about a ½ oz. of it. Let it sit in your car through the month of the hottest August on record and then crack the top and take a whiff. What ever that smells like, multiply the rankness by 10 and you will come close to the smell of this rancid shake. Now the taste, first you have to understand that the consistency of it was like drinking cottage cheese. The actual taste of this had to range somewhere between chocolate flavored ass and chocolate flavored gym socks. Either way the word putrid doesn’t do it justice. With no where to spit this concoction out of my mouth I frantically reached around until I found some left over fast food napkins and spit the remains into that. The worst part is that I had nothing else to wash the taste out of my mouth with the entire way to work. I can tell you that the next shake I drink will get the sniff test before the taste test!

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