Cleared for Take-Off

Woo…hoo…Had my second meeting with the head shrink at Summa, and it appears that from the medical side of the fence I am cleared for take-off. airplane-movie-pic
So the second meeting with the Psychologist went well…I got the feeling right from the get go that it was more formality than checking to see if there are any deep mommy issues that I needed resolved. The questions were basic…How are you doing? Anything change in wanting the surgery? How are you preparing? Do you know what the complications are? Most of these were fairly yes and no questions. No real heavy answers that needed to be given and the Doctor didn’t pry to deep. In fact I think we spent at least 10 minutes of our 30 minute meeting getting sidetracked on how we both hate the “everybody’s a winner” mentality and over zealous coaches in youth sports…the kids are 10 years old…if you are a coach and you get T’d up at a basketball game with 10 year olds playing…you should not be coaching….in fact they should never be allowed to coach, ever…If you have those type of anger control issues this means that you have some much deeper seeded issues that you need to deal with. And I really don’t need you teaching my kid the finer points of the pick and roll. Okay…getting a little off track….Basically I told the Doc I just want to fire up the disco ball and get this party started! The hurry up and wait part of the process is the most frustrating part and just kills me…I understand that there are reasons for all of this, and things just don’t move along at the pace I think that they should. The problem is we live in a here and now world. If I want something I go to and I have it on my doorstep in two days with my Amazon Prime account. Pay a little extra and it is there tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what you want, it seems like it can be hand delivered to your front door in 72 hours or less by someone that drives around in a little brown truck. Anyway I am digressing again…the real point is, I am now cleared for surgery and now a new waiting period begins. So currently all of my paperwork is being compiled and sent to the finance person, once she gets it she calls my insurance provider and gets the final official okey dokey that they will cough up the Benjamin’s when the bills come in. Once they get confirmation that they are going to get paid, then they look at the surgeons schedule and make me a date with the Doc. Now the caveat is this date will be at least 6 weeks in the future as I have to be on a 6 week liquid Optifast diet…in the immortal words of Bart Scott the NY Jets linebacker…Can’t Wait! So in some respects I am not looking forward to the liquid diet, but on the other hand I wish I could get it started tomorrow…at the point I go on the diet I know that I am taxiing down the runway and I am on my way to flying the friendly skies of regaining my health. So best case scenario the way I see it is 10 weeks from today I go under the laparoscopy knife. Which puts me into the beginning of April. This would be absolutely great for me from a timing perspective…which means this will never happen, cause if I remember any thing about Murphy’s Law it is that stuff never goes the way I want it to or something like that. Well now I go back into chill mode and start the count down until I hear back on my final approval and the date I can circle on my calendar. Tick tock goes the countdown clock…

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