O Customer Service Where Art Thou – Part 2

Arghhh…every time I turn around there is another hurdle I have to clear in this process. Please don’t mistake my frustration of the process and misconceive that I don’t appreciate what everyone does in the office at the Summa Bariatric office. I do truly appreciate all of their efforts and their follow-up. So I finally got my psych clearance earlier this week, which was the last hurdle in all of the pre-testing. Great! Right?…lets go, next stop…a date with a guy in a mask and a knife…But alas no…not quite yet…Yesterday I decided to be just a little proactive and call the finance person Bev, at Summa she is the person that makes sure all the documentation is assembled and handed off for approval to the insurance company and makes sure they are going to get paid. I am sure I am over simplifying Bev’s job exponentially, so Bev if you ever run across this blog post, please take no offense…so I call Bev yesterday and leave her a VM…She returns my phone call first thing this morning (Yay Bev!…Thank you! Some one that actually returns a voicemail) and we go through my “packet” got this..check…got that…check…done this….check…ohhhh wait a second….hmmm….looks like we may need some additional info. So I ask “what other info is needed?” Response: “your weight history from the last 4 years”….arghhhh….Reason being my health care provider doesn’t require a 6 month diet supervised program prior to pre-approval (thankfully), but that just means they want a do-do load of documentation…WTF…Can’t I just take a picture and send it to them?…One look would tell them I am a candidate. Okay as per usual I am getting a little off track here..

csrSo this isn’t horrible, just means a little leg work, a phone call and a roll of the dice that I get a helpful person. So the issue is I have only been seeing my current primary care physician for a little less than a year, those records they have already. So I have to go back to my previous Doc and see if they will send the records over. As luck would have it at least that office was also in the Summa family. So I call the office and get a hold of their first line of defense…the name associated with the first line of defense is Amy…and Amy needs to read my previous blog post about how to make someone happy…Amy’s first response, “oh we can’t do that, the bariatric center will have to send over a request before we can release that information.” My response….Bull shit Amy!…Okay…I was thinking that, I really didn’t say it…but I countered with, Hey Amy, I understand, however I am trying to do the leg work myself and if I could get some one to fax this over to them, or I would even be willing to stop by at lunch to pick it up that would be great.” I am just trying to make it easy. Her response…”Well we don’t have that here we would need to get it from Records”. Bingo…easy peasy …”Great, what is their number?” I will just give them a call and take this off your plate. Apparently the phone systems that Amy was in command of had some rather advanced features and she said, “well I guess I could just connect you to them.” Bingo Amy!…that’s what I am talking about…now we are cooking with customer service! So Amy transfers my call to the mysterious “records” department. As the phone is ringing all I can imagine is Milton from the movie Office Space in the basement with his red Swingline stapler melvinis who I am going to be connected with. Much to my surprise the phone was answered by the cheery voice of Melissa. I again explained the same thing I told Amy to Melissa…lather, rinse, repeat…I was totally ready for the second line of defense…I was prepared to storm the gates…I was not only locked…but I was loaded…instead the response I got was, “do you need the weight from every visit or just any visit in that time period?” It took me a second to respond…What was this mysterious defense she was mounting….I had an overcome objection round already chambered and I certainly wasn’t expecting Melissa to lay down and surrender this easily and comply with my request. I was still a little suspect, but I politely asked if she could pull a random chart with my weight from 2009, 2010, 2011 and fax it over to the Bariatric office sometime today. Again…her response was “sure, not a problem, I will have it over later this morning.” I thanked Melissa, hung up the phone and within a hour I had an email from Bev confirming that Melissa indeed followed up and did what she said she would do. Melissa…I am sure we will never meet, but today you are my Customer Service Hero!

So now according to Bev we have ALL the information that is needed to proceed and submit to my insurance company for approval . So hopefully in 7-10 days I will have the approval that I need and we can move to the next step. Until then, the weight is killing me….

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