Who knew my dog had a middle name…

Some of you have asked…Okay, I am lying one person asked and I don’t think they were really all that interested in the answer.  So before I get a Ukrainian hit squad at my door throwing cans of borscht at me, I thought I would take a minute to explain why there is this reoccurring theme of me poking fun of the Ukrainians in my blog posts. I tend to pay attention to the statistics of my website and view them on a daily basis. It is somewhat interesting to see where all three of my regular readers are coming from or how others found my little dark corner of the Internet. Factoid: Amazingly enough my #1 search phrase with Google is “down goes Frazier” based off of a post and a photo from over two years ago (and for those that want to hot link that iconic photo from my site, well just go to this link and see what you will get if you do.)

Website visits by country right behind the USA, sitting squarely in second place, the Ukraine! Why the Ukraine? Well apparently either they have a segment of the population that is interested in bariatric surgery or they just have a bunch of hackers that feel the need to bang away at my admin page trying to log into my site and get control of my blog. First I didn’t realize there were that many working computers in the Ukraine, and secondly…WTF Viktor, you have nothing better to do than trying to hack my blog, like that is going to make you famous. Here’s an idea, why don’t you steal a page from the Nigerian hackers playbook and try to get someone to believe that your rich uncle Borislav left you a billion hryvnia’s and you need to get an American bank account number to deposit the money in to and of course give me a few million as a finder’s fee. Also, here is another clue for you, my admin password isn’t “password” nor is it “12345678″. And unless you know my grandmothers maiden name, my dog’s middle name and the date my youngest son made his first doody in a big boy toilet you are fresh out of fucking luck on trying to brute force hack my account…and that is just the user name, my password is even more complex! Okay…I am starting to digress a little, some of that wasn’t directed solely at the Ukrainians, some of it was pointed at one particular little Asian fucker in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam…I know go figure….I would block his IP address, but his tenacity amuses me.

So just to prove that I am not lying about this, here is a screen shot showing my meager stats (okay you can stop laughing now) and the fact that the Ukraine is in second place. So there you have it, this is why I continue to mention them in my posts and I will continue until my readers in Sweden make a push to unseat them, though my dark horse favorite is Moldova, I think they are ready to bring it, I heard that there is a new bariatric clinic opening there next month.

Ukrainian Stats

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