The King is Dead!….Long Live the King!

Snoopy DanceWell when you least expect it life sometimes jumps up and plants a giant wet one on your kisser, and I mean this in a good way.  The call I have been anxiously waiting for came today and it came much sooner than I expected.  I was honestly just hoping to hear something by tomorrow, but had also resigned myself to the fact that it could very well be next week before I heard something. And not only was I surprised by the call, but it was chocked full of other good news that caused me to do a little Snoopy happy dance inside.

The date that I have been waiting for since last October has finally materialized and is March 28th, 2013.  Most people only get to celebrate  one birthday, now I am going to celebrate two each year.  I was surprised when they told me the date…I was doing the math in my head when Jeff “the scheduler” told me what the date was and it was less than six weeks away. “What about the Optifast schedule I was supposed to be on?” I asked..  Well apparently my Doctor decided to shorten that down to four weeks and I have to start that next Wednesday.  This is great on many different fronts.  One it saves me a little cashola in that I don’t have to spend money on 2 extra weeks of Optifast food, apparently that is about $300. Truth be told I would have paid them the $300 to cut the two weeks off.  Two, it doesn’t give me time to think and have some elaborate food funerals…at this point I am good to go, if there is a food that I never get to eat again, then so be it.  When I quit drinking I didn’t pick a day  in the future to do it, I did it cold turkey (no pun intended) and never looked back…okay, I may have peeked a few times, but when I quit, I quit and that was all there was to it.  Same with smoking, when the time came, I threw out the last of what I had and said no more.

So come this Wednesday when I start Optifast, I will be quitting my food addictions, and on March 28th, 2013 I will be reborn with a newly re-plumbed body that will take me the rest of the way on my journey.  For good, better or worse this will be my lot in life, and I will take and make it the best I can.  I spent the first 48+ years of my life riding a roller coaster of obesity, it is time to go down the weight loss hill one last time and get off the ride for good.  And the next ride I get on will be a healthier ride for the final years. Again, I have stressed this all along, I am not doing this for vanity, longevity is my goal here.

So, folks on March 28th… The King is dead and long live the King!

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