Guess who’s coming to dinner…..

dinnerSince learning of my appointment on Thursday and sharing this exciting news with my wife, I have started to get an increasing vibe that she just really isn’t behind my decision to have this surgery.  I have gone back and forth putting a number on how much I feel she is for or against this. For the most part I have felt that her support was close to 100%, not quite there, but fairly close.   After comments made today, I put it at about 50%….Today it seems that her fears are that my surgery is going to disrupt and create long term issues regarding meals, meal preparation and decisions that are made when choosing a restaurant or social event.  Well…no shit… this is going to happen, there is no way that it can’t.  However, this seems to be a huge concern for her.  Not the fact that all of us in my household could benefit from eating healthier and making better choices at the grocery store.  I just sat in disbelief as she talked about this, I am facing something that was not a rash decision and one that was not come to lightly with out regard for others.   I thought that I was doing the right thing by making this decision, one that that cannot be reversed, one that will benefit me in a very long term healthy manner and hopefully keep me around for many years.  But apparently it appears that that I am going to fuck up dinners with my new eating habits I will have after surgery.

This is frustrating….

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