The journey of a thousand miles starts with a chocolate shake…

Somebody asked me yesterday if I was excited, nervous, scared…my answer, yep…all of the above.  Ever since they gave me my surgery date my mind has been racing.  I have had 5 months for preparation, but “shit” just got real…and it got real a lot quicker than I was ready for.  I had been pushing and driving this process all along the way, and then they pushed back and sped things up faster than I was ready for, it really took me by surprise.  Funny how that happens, when they aren’t moving fast enough for my liking I am agitated, then when they start going faster than I am ready for, I am all “hey, slow the roll…not so fast!”

I met with my nutritionist yesterday and picked up my Optifast supplies to get me through the first week and a half of the 30 days (what a racket that is, 11 days of food $230.)  Starting tomorrow I will be subsisting on 4 shakes a day (mainly chocolate and a few strawberry), 2 protein bars (chocolate fudge and peanut butter crunch) and 1 cup of tomato soup.   I can augment the soup with some celery for a little more filling consistency and I am also allowed to have 2 cups of lettuce a day with a few limited veggies (cucumber, bell pepper and celery) and a little red condescending Wonka saladwine vinegar as dressing.

So my plan is to eat about every two to two and a half hours.  Starting daily at 8am my food lineup will look something like this: shake, bar, shake, shake, soup with salad (dinner), shake and a final bar just before bed around 11pm.

Hopefully if I can keep some sort of routine and in between the meals I need to consume at least 64 ounces of water I should stay relatively satiated.  My biggest challenges will be weekends when the routine gets disrupted and staying away for any snacks in the evenings, also if I have to deal with a business lunch my plan is to order a plan side salad.  I have done this before and it is somewhat embarrassing, fat guy at the table ordering a plain side salad.  Can’t wait for that look the waitress will give.  Guess I will need to have my snappy comeback chambered and ready to fire for that one.

So tomorrow it all begins, the journey of a thousand miles will begin tomorrow morning with a single step.  Though in my case it is a journey to change my life dramatically and it will all begin with a delicious chocolate protein shake at about 8AM.  Are you ready for this journey?  I am!

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