The journey begins…..Day 1

Day 1

So my journey officially kicked-off this morning at 8:00AM with an 8 oz. Optifast 800 Chocolate shake.  My wife did offer me some words of encouragement this morning as I was getting dressed and acknowledged that my adventure begins today.  Adventure is kind of an odd word to use, but I guess this is an adventure of sorts.  I guess I prefer thinking of this more as a journey than an adventure.  It is a journey to a healthier way of life and to be able to live life they way I want to and not have to sacrifice experiences because of my size.

Soptifasto let me spend a minute talking about my morning breakfast.  All I can say is these chocolate shakes are going to be an acquired taste for me.  I bought some of the RTD’s (ready-to-drink) to take to work as it is easy for me to deal with. In the past I have drank AdvantEDGE shakes and really have grown to like them.  All I can say is that Optifast has some catching up to do in the taste department.  Tonight I will mix up a powder shake and see if the taste is any better or worse than the RTD I had today. The choclate RTD I had for breakfast (and lunch) has a little bit of a chalky taste and leaves a bit of a bitter after taste on the tongue.  I will have to try and pick up a few different extract flavors to try mixing in. 

So my mid morning snack I chose was an Optifast 800 Peanut Butter Chocolate bar.  Sorry I meant to take a picture of the bar, but don’t worry with 30 days of this I will have plenty of opportunity to do that in the future.  Overall the bar was kind of like a chocolate and peanut butter Rice Krispie treat.  The bar was pretty tasty and I tried to eat it slowly.  I was fairly successful in that I made it last about 20 minutes. I was also able to take my time drinking the shakes and made my lunch shake last 30+ minutes.   I figure the more I can make the “meal” last the closer I am to my next meal after I finish that one.

Tonight for dinner I am planning to have the tomato soup.  I will blog more on that tomorrow.  Hopefully something hot will be more filling in my stomach.  I am also going to pick-up some celery to augment my soup and five it a little more volume.  

So I am at the mid way point of day 1 and the light at the end of the tunnel is there, it is just a little dim.  I know this will be a tough 30 days, and there will be easy days and not so easy.

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