Keurig Coffee Maker + Magic Bullet = Tomato Soup

So Day 1 is in the books and for all intensive purposes was successful.  I was only able to get 6 meals in instead of 7, but it really didn’t matter.  I really never felt starved yesterday, but then again I never felt like I was completely satiated either.  I tried the tomato soup last night and it was surprisingly good right out of the foil packet.  I wasn’t sure the best way to fix it and the directions were adamant about stirring the powder and not shaking it.  The last thing I wanted was clumpy tomato soup.  I am not one for following directions to the letter so I went off the reservation and did my own thing and I feel it worked damn well.

Instead of the stirring process I decided that using our magic bullet (no, not that magic bullet) magic bulletwas going to be the best.  I seemed to remember on the infomercials you could do hot liquids with them.  So I took the cup and stuck it under the spout of our Keurig coffee maker and brewed me up 6-8 oz’s of hot H20 lickity split.  (For those of you in the Ukraine following along with this, you would want fill up an empty borscht can with water from the well and then heat it on your wood burning stove for 10-12 minutes.)  I then dumped in the contents of the foil pack, screwed on the bottom and blended the concoction for about 15-20 seconds. I poured that into a insulated travel mug and merrily sipped my frothy tomato soup.  Success! It was actually pretty darn good and I didn’t have any clumps!  I am going to try some different spices tonight to see how that works.

Day 2 started off good, I actually got up a little earlier than normal and felt refreshed, and actually didn’t feel hungry.  Though the first thing I did when I got up (I was actually still in bed) was to have a glass of water.  I keep a glass of chocbarwater on the nightstand most nights because of the CPAP machine.  Many times I will wake up with a dry throat, so I now go to bed with a glass of water, instead of having to get up in the middle of the night to get a drink.

I decided to stick with the same routine as yesterday and the morning supplement was a shake and I had a protein bar mid morning.  This time I went with the pure chocolate bar, which tastes pretty good, but it is not as big volume wise as the peanut butter chocolate bar I had yesterday.  I will have to do a side by side picture shoot for comparison. 

So for now Day 2 is looking good…so far no cheats and I am 100% compliant with the diet schedule!

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