Do you want a cookie and other stupid questions…

Day 6 and I am going strong on the mostly liquid Optifast diet.  Yesterday I had a stalk of celery with my tomato soup (totally within guidelines of the diet.)  I have to tell you, I don’t think celery has ever tasted so good to me.  Just to have something that crunched when I bit into it was a treat.  So far  I have been doing 3-4 shakes, 1-2 soups, and 2 bars a day.  So the only actual solids I am ingesting are the protein bars.  While they taste pretty good, the volume just doesn’t make up for it.  I really try to regulate those to being used as snacks or when my food cravings are the lowest.

When someone hears that I am on a “liquid” diet they all ask if I am starving all the time.  One of the things that I have noticed during all of this is that I never have really felt that I am starved, but then again I never feel like I am full or that my appetite is completely sated.  It is hard to explain, it isn’t horrible, but it also isn’t the bees knees.

So the readers in the Ukraine know and the other odd followers that I have know that I beat some serious temptations over the weekend.  Obviously this diet has affected my family as well as my co-workers.  The very first day that I started nocookiemy diet I was offered a cookie by my co-worker who new that I had just kicked off my weight loss journey with my first chocolate shake.  And then a mere 4 hours later he asked what I was doing for lunch.  Nice right?  Way to rub it in Josh…way to keep it real for me.

I would have to say the worst has been yesterday morning when my wife asked me in all seriousness, would I like to go to the grocery store with her.  I mean..are you kidding me?  I was nice, but I told her no, I don’t think that is the best thing for me to do today.  Why in the world would I want to be in a building where all I could see is food…all types of food, healthy or not I can’t have any of it for quite sometime.  I guess overall I was a little discouraged as she then said “well it isn’t fair that you get a pass on going to the grocery store”.  No two ways about it, that stung a little, the percentage dropped a few points on how much I feel she is truly behind me on this journey.

I did tell her that no I really didn’t think it would be best for me to go today, and that really this month is something I am just trying to get through.  It would be diffrerent if I was aleast post surgery and could at least go pick out soft foods or foods that I think will taste good pureed (can’t wait for that stage.)  I get the feeling that again, her fears are manifesting themselves and popping out in odd ways.  While I have tried to be nice and she always says she is behind me when I tell her that I need her there.  I still just wonder if that is the case.

Well, day 6 is almost over and I have to beat one last serious temptation.  I am buying 8 large pizzas for a group of people at a meeting tonight.  I just need to pay for them, and then stay the hell away from that table.  Wish me luck!

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