I cheated…well sort of…

Day 8

Well I finished my first full week on Optifast with a cheat last night…well it was sort of a cheat.  What was it that finally “did me in” you ask?  Was it pizza that I have been in the presence of multiple times since I started?  Was it junk food? Chips? Crackers and cheese? Was it a last grasp at something decadent and sweet?  Nope it was a fresh oven baked chicken tender crusted with plain corn flakes and some parmesan cheese….okay it was actually 2 chicken tenders and they maybe totaled about 3 oz. in weight.  Was it technically a cheat?… yes it was, but I skipped my last supplement of the night and was able to justify it all in my head that I did not sabotage anything too severely.  All in all if you look at one of the supplements I was loseweightprobably pretty close nutritionally with what I had vs. a chocolate peanut butter Optifast bar.  Whatever it is I will fully admit that I am now 99.9% compliant and I slept just fine knowing it.

So I have gotten the question a quite few different times now, how much have I lost?  So far I just tell people that I haven’t weighed myself yet because it really doesn’t matter, if I am doing what I am supposed to be doing then how much weight I am down makes no big difference.  Right…perfectly justifiable answer.  It’s complete bullshit…I am dying to know how much I have lost so far.  I just don’t have a scale at home that will actually produce numbers when I step on it.  The one I have is doesn’t go past 400lbs. (somewhat embarrassing to tell others) I did step on it the other day for excrements and borschtguffaws, but all it read was ERR, which I was pretty sure that was going to be the case, but I felt compelled to try nonetheless.  I am kind of hoping that by the time I go to surgery I may actually see a number.  I will get an idea next week of where I stand as I do have to go in for a weight check and a blood screen to see if my body is dealing with the Optifast okay.

I do know I have lost weight.  I have a few NSV’s one being that I moved down a belt notch this morning.  So I know I am losing, just won’t know how much until next Wednesday.  And honestly it doesn’t make a difference I need to just stay my course until the surgery and I will know that I have lost weight, there is no way that I can’t lose weight.  I am eating just under 1,200 calories a day.  Which for you Ukrainians out there that is about four jars of this delicious treat.




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