Just got thrown a curve ball…

I should have known that today was going to be just one of those days when first thing I found myself running late for work.  From that point on the day just has started to spiral downward culminating this morning with my final visit with my surgeon Dr. Adrian Dan.

To start with, the waiting room was jammed this morning and it was practically standing room only.  Which when you are standing in a bariatrics office lobby….let me clarify this point…a small bariatrics office lobby…and it is at its capacity of morbidly obese people…I am strying to stay out of the way of walkers, scooters and oxygen tanks.  I was also reminded that however I currently feel, I am doing better than a lot of other people. Side note…best line of the morning I overheard…A person coming out from his meeting with the doctor.  Boasted he is down a 110lbs (big kudos to him!)…then asked if it was windy out, because he was afraid he would blow away.  Bahahahahahahaha!

So when I am finally called back (45 minutes past my scheduled time) I am ready to talk to the doc and get back to my day, I jumped on the scale first…good news there…down another 2lbs for a total of 24lbs lost in two weeks!  Then to an examination room to wait to see the surgeon.  After about 5 minutes a doctor comes in…not my surgeon, but the surgeon that is doing a fellowship with the bariatric center.  Okay…no problem…he goes through everything and answers most of my questions and I am still feeling okay….agitated and getting hungry I wait for Dr. Dan to make his arrival….20 minutes later….the doctor makes his appearance and announces that he is sorry for the wait, at this point I have been in the office for over 90 minutes (in Ukrainian time that is about a yoctosecond of radiation half life if you were near Chernobyl when they had their “little” accident.)  So Dr. Dan is a busy guy…I get it and he is just direct and to the point.  Though his direct and to the point news that he gave me took a lot of air out of my sails.

Side note….All through this process I have known that there may be a chance that when I wake up I may or may not have had the bypass surgery, but they will have performed a sleeve gastrectomy.  The kicker is that if they do the sleeve, they still want me to go through the bypass 12 – 18 months from now (again, in radiation half life…a drop of borscht in the borscht bucket of life.)

When Dr. Dan came into the room he was pretty blunt and straight to the point…he let me know that given my BMI, my height and how I carry my weight that the chance that he will perform the sleeve gastrectomy is near certain.  And will only do the Roux-en-y (ggastric bypass) if all of the stars are aligned perfectly and he feels that it is 100% absolutely safe to do the bypass.  Which would mean that he wants me back for the other procedure next year….fuck…fuck…and double fuck…this was not the news I wanted to hear today.  Not in the least or the slightest was this the words I wanted to her him speak to me.  Through the process I always felt it was 90/10 that it would be the Roux-en-y…now it looks like those odds swung to 1/99….let me repeat…fuck…fuck…and double fuck!

I new this was the possibility…but now it seems like a certainty that it will be that way.  So needless to say this was a curve ball I new I could possibly see, but when it came I was caught looking looking for a different pitch.


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