And the hits just keep on coming…

Day 15 Optifast – 14 days until surgery

Well this journey that started out a year ago just doesn’t seem to get any shorter.  Just got a call from the Jeff the “scheduler” at bariatric office.  Apparently after my meeting with the surgeon yesterday they decided to order a HIDA scan (which stands for hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid scan…yeah say that 3 times fast) for my gall bladder prior to my surgery.  So next Tuesday I get to visit Barberton hospital at the crack of dawn…literally the crack of dawn and instead of starting off with a cup o’ joe I will get a shot of nuclear tracer dye followed by a chaser of some some other drug concoction that makes your gall bladder go into hyper drive and act like it is trying to do the Kessel run in under 12 parsec’s.  And the entire time this is taking place you are laying flat on a table and trying to stay as still as possible while the gamma ray camera is taking pictures every minute or so.

I went through one of these 3 years ago and on a scale of zero to this F’ing sucks…it is somewhere around a mild to above normal pain in the ass.  It isn’t overly painful, but it can become damn uncomfortable and I detest getting shot up with any fluid that has the word nuclear associated to it.  It gives me the feeling I am in a Matt Groening cartoon and I work at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

So for now the hits just keep on coming

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