What is a Non-Scale Scale Victory?

Day 23 Optifast – 7 Days to Surgery

Well I am at exactly one week to go until my surgery and as of this morning at 10AM I am cleared for take-off. I went to my final weigh in and I am happy to report that I have lost another 6lbs for a total of 30lbs down since starting Optifast 23 days ago!  Amazingly enough I climbed two consecutive flights of stairs last night in the parking deck at work, and I was able to do it without stopping!  Sure I was a little winded at the top, but just a month ago the elvators were broke, and when I HAD to walk up the stairs I had to stop once to catch my breath.  And when I got to the floor I was on it felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest.

It is amazing the NSV changes that I have had in losing just 30lbs.  Another NSV victory sort of is that I stood on the scale last night and it actually registered a weight and not ERR.  So that is what is considered in my book a Non-Scale Scale Victory or a NSSV.  There have been other NSV’s such as the movement of belt loops, my work clothes are certainly much baggier and don’t fit well.  Not that they fit great when I was 30 lbs heavier.  I also notice it is easier to do just the little things like put on my socks in the morning.  For those skinny people reading…while these seem like minutuae details, to someone that is morbidly obese these are things that are contended with on a daily basis.  Nobody I am sure is proud of things like this, I know I am certainly not, but it is the reality none the less.

So my final testing really wasn’t much of a test, it was a sit down with an RN and a nurse from the anestigiologist department to go over my medical history, what drugs I am on, and any potential problems they should no about.  One last thing they told me was if you start to get flu or cold symptoms to call the doctor.  I swear if somebody gets me sick between now and my surgery I will seriously injure them!


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