He Lives….

I know it has been a few days since my last update and I am sure all 6 of my readers were wondering about me.  Though I think I personally let most of you know how I fared.  So for the rest that didn’t know, and my loyal Ukrainian followers where do I start?  First of all I am still alive, and for all intensive purposes the surgery was successful.  There is quite a lot for me to blog about and I am not quite sure where to start it all…from the time in the waiting room waiting to be called back, to the point at which the anesthesiologist said take 5 deep breathes, to my 3 hours on the operating room table, to the waking up, my time in recovery, first steps, going home and the recovery process I am dealing with currently.  There is a lot to cover and I don’t think I will get to nearly all of that in this post, so I am going to dole this out in installments over the next week or so as I feel up to putting the words down on the screen.  I am still pretty heavily medicated and the pain meds make me pretty drowsy and in general feel lazy.  So blogging isn’t high on my priority list right this second.  Drinking 1 ounce of fluid every 15 minutes and checking my drain to see if I sprung any leaks probably ranks a little higher.

For now I am going to start with the best part of everything.  The one thing that was weighing heavily on my mind through out this process was not knowing exactly what surgical procedure I was going have.  Well let the trumpets sound…to my great pleasure Dr. Dan was able to perform the Roux-en-Y bypass procedure and I didn’t have to get the sleeve done.  This now negates me from having to have a second procedure performed.  I will tell you though right up to the point of the surgery, Dr. Dan was telling me in the operating room that if it is not safe at all the would do the sleeve.  He made me state out loud (I can assume everything was being recorded for legal sake) that I understood what his process would be.  Literally the first question I asked when I came out of anesthesia was what procedure I had done.

Okay…where should I begin my journey from the last post.  Well I could start with the part where I left work on Wednesday about 3:30pM in plenty of time to get home and do my bowel prep ( I will get to more of that in a minute.)  When I got out to my truck I discovered another flat tire.  If you have been reading my blog you would remember about my earlier flat tire fiasco.   I will save everyone the reading (and me the writing) and just say that thanks to someone in my office and a new fangled gadget they had in their new car I was able to get the tire inflated enough to get me out of my parking deck and down the street to the Bridgestone tire shop.  And $132 later for a new tire I was on my way home and it only set me back about 90 minutes.  All in all it was a minor inconvenience , but I just kept thinking, if this is an omen, it is a pretty ominous one.

As soon as I got home I mixed my first 32oz. MiraLAX cocktail…if you don’t know what this elixir is just Google it, you will see it is used for constipation.  Though the amount I mixed up was like quadruple what you would normally do.  And I not only had to do this once…but TWICE that night.  Needless to say I spent a fair amount of the evening on the toilet, and I can spare you the gory details of it all, but I will tell you that by midnight I had purged everything that I had ever eaten in the last decade and my colon was as clean as it was going to get.  Bowel prep is not a pleasant experience, but after going through the surgery it is something that you really tend to forget about and how, no pun intended, shitty it really was.

I finally was able to go to sleep that night about 1:00AM and was back up at 4:45AM for my trip to the hospital.  My wife urged me to come to bed earlier, but the late start on the MiraLAX and my nerves were not going to allow me a good nights sleep.

I was supposed to be to the surgical center at 6:00AM and we left the house around 5:30AM.  I really wasn’t in a talkative mood on the drive and to be honest I really didn’t want anyone to talk to me.  This was something I wanted…but honestly I was trying to hold it together inside and depending on what my wife said to me would either make me mad or bring tears…so I just really wanted silence.  She must have understood this because she kept conversation to a minimum.

After getting to the center it took about 20 minutes before I got called back. We did get there a little early, but it just seemed like an intermable wait to be called back to the prep room for surgery.

Once I was back in the room basically they want you to get like the day you were born and put on their footies and gown.  Everything else goes into a plastic bag and was turned over to my wife when she was allowed to come back.  Once I was changed and comfortable the medical staff started their pre-op process…get the IV started and then start asking me questions that I have answered repeatedly over the course of the last 6 months.  Apparently they need to keep doing this to check and see if I was lying about my paternal grandparents health.  Once the preliminary Q&A period is over then the anesthesiologist people start making their appearance….lather..rinse…repeat for many questions I have already answered.  Basically the only question I had for them was to check to make sure that my insurance company paid for both putting me under AND waking me up.  They let me know it was a package deal and that they would make sure I would wake back up after the surgery.

This process took a little over a hour and my surgery time was scheduled for 8:00AM.  The biggest surprise that came out of this part of the process was that they told me the doctor reserved the operating room for 210 minutes…I may have flunked out of Calculus 2 in college, but I could figure out pretty fast that 210 minutes was three and a half hours!  Damn I really did  not expect to be on the table that long!

To be continued….




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