No news is mostly good news…

Well loyal readers I know it has been a few days since I have had the opportunity to put some words on the screen.  I could tell you that I have been very busy and there just hasn’t been time, but that would be a relative load of bullshit or for my Ukrainian friends Pizdet!  I have really taken it easy this week and am learning to live with my new stomach or more accurately, my new pouch that I am now left with.  It is strange to look at portion sizes so much differently.  There is a definite size perception that I will have to get accustomed to.  I have been eating my fair share of non-fat cottage cheese and find that to be the most satisfying.  Typically I eat about a 1/3 of a cup a couple times a day and use a baby spoon to eat it with.  That helps to put the serving size in perspective.  Though I will say I had some soup yesterday and used a regular size spoon.  It seemed like I was using a serving size spoon to eat with!  Damn it sure seemed big!

So in looking at the scale this morning I am down 58 pounds! The weight keeps dropping off me at a fairly alarming rate, though I need to find a way to get more protein in me on a daily basis.  I am just not hungry, though I am craving some real food, I am still not starving at at all.  Just sipping on water through out the day keeps me satiated.  I m supposed to stay on this stage of the diet until next Wednesday, though I will probably try to incorporate a few pureed foods into my meal schedule this weekend.  I will need to be planned for when I return to work next week and figure out healthy things to pack.

Well got to go for now…just wanted to give everyone a quick update.

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