My Fat 2 Skinny Bucket List

It will be a month this coming Thursday that I had my innards re-plumbed.  So far the progress has been good…at times slower than I want, but overall at this juncture I am doing pretty good.  My biggest issue that I am contending with is getting enough protein in my system and drink enough water.  I literally forget to eat for long stretches of time as I am just not hungry.  I am not sure if this is a physiological or psychological change to my body or what…I guess I need to write that down as a question to ask the doctor or nutritionist when I am in to visit them in two days for my one month check-up.

So I have been giving some thought about things that I want to “reclaim” in my life.  I have seen others with similar lists and somehow I feel compelled to have my own.  I guess its a fat to skinny bucket list of sorts.  The problem is that some of these things are rather personal, some could be embarrassing and since it looks like my readership has jumped significantly from 6 to 9 (for those that aren’t math majors that is a 50% jump in readership.) When it comes to sharing that type of information, sometimes I am a little gun shy.  Though I realize for this blog to have some meaning and  substance, as a writer (I am using that term loosely) I need to be honest and pour out my soul on paper…easier said than done folks.

Okay…here is my F2S Bucket List:

  • Get rid of my blood pressure meds.
  • Stop having to use a C-PAP.
  • Be able to go to almost any store that sells men’s clothing and be able to buy a pair of pants and shirt.
  • Be able to wear a pair of shoes that I can tie.
  • Put on a pair of socks with out trouble.
  • Be able to cross my legs.
  • Not have to buy extra long neck ties because my neck size is so large.
  • Register somewhere in the low side of overweight in the BMI scale. Did you know “super obese” is a level – Something you learn when you find out that you are in it.
  • Be able to clean all parts of my body in the shower without the need of a long handled brush. (This is one of those more embarrassing things for me though I am happy to report this is one of my NSV’s and I am able to successfully do this now!)
  • Not to fear stairs anymore.
  • Be able to sit comfortably next to my wife in the theater.
  • Fly on an airplane again.
  • Be able to stand for a period of time longer than 5 minutes without having to lean on something.
  • Be able to sit in a chair and wonder whether or not that it will collapse under my weight.
  • Be able to get up off the floor without any aid or handholds.
  • Be able to run even a short distance without the fear that I will start a friction fire from my thighs rubbing together.
  • Start working through the Kama Sutra again. (Basically rekindle the sexual relationship with my wife).
  • Look at going to an amusement park as a fun thing to do and not be fearful that I will not fit into a ride seat.
  • Use a normal size bathroom stall and not feel like I am wedged into a sardine can.
  •  Go to my 35th High School Reunion, I skipped my 30th because I was embarrassed of my weight.
  • Never wear a piece of clothing that has more than 1 X in the size.
  • Feel comfortable having my photo taken from the neck down.
  • Actually have my drivers license height and weight resemble something close to what I weigh.  Last time I got it renewed I was to embarrassed to tell them my new weight.
  • Stop making excuses for not being able to do something because I am fearful of not being able to do it because I am to fat. (Sorry that got wordy…basically start saying yes more than I say no.)
  • Not walk into a room and immediately look to see if I am the largest one there.  For the past few years I routinely won that title.
  • Not feel like an embarrassment to my sons in front of their friends.  I am sure somewhere along the way they catch some shit for my size.
  • Look in the mirror and like the person that is looking back at me.

I am sure if I gave it some thought there would be more to list, but overall that is the jest of it.  Some of those are a little embarrassing and there are a few things I could probably expound on, but I relented and invoked the TMI rule.

Well…time to wrap up this post.  It was somewhat spur of the moment and I need to have planned it out a little better, but something is better than nothing.  And I have an obligation to keep my loyal readers informed as well as my Ukrainian readers.

Oh BTW…unofficial weight loss so far 68lbs.  I will post the official when I hit the scale at the doctor’s office Wednesday morning.

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