How much does 14 two-liter bottles of soda weigh?

So today was my 4 week follow-up visit for my surgery.  Actually tomorrow is the 4 week anniversary, but Wednesday’s is the day my surgeon does office visits.  So overall the visits are fairly comprehensive in that you typically are scheduled to speak with multiple people.  The first person is the nurse practitioner he goes over the basics, reviewed my lab work, asks the basic questions…How do you feel? Any thing we should know about?  How much fluid are you drinking? Any problems with eating? yada yada yada….

After the nurse practitioner next up was a meeting with Laura who is my NUT (nutritionist)…so the good news from Laura is that I can leave pureed foods behind by this weekend and start with “soft” foods.  Which for all intensive purposes I can start to eat somewhat normally…no nuts, no fruit with skins, no filet mignon…but I can have things like chicken, fish, and things that go crunch like a wheat thin or two.  Also as I grow into my pouch I can increase my servings sizes incrementally still being fairly meager but working their way towards about a cup of food at a meal sitting, still eaten very slowly.

Finally the last person to make their appearance in my surgeon.  Typically whenever we meeti he is always in a hurry…I get it and I don’t ask a lot of him and he will always take the time to answer my questions, but he doesn’t make idle talk with me either.  He comes into the room with a purpose and then he is on to the next person.  For some this may be a turn off…for me, I just get it.  He takes the time with me that I need and that is good enough, there are nor frills with our conversations.  So anyway this time was slightly different.  We dispensed quickly with the niceties…gave me kudos on my weight loss so far and said he is sure I will be one of their greatest success stories.  Yeah…I may be on a low sodium diet, but I took that comment with a grain of salt as with over 900 surgeries under his belt I am sure that there have been far greater success stories than mine thus far.

So at this point Dr. Dan asks if I want to hear something funny? Absolutely…a doctor wants to lighten the mood I am all ears.  So he proceeds to recant to me that when they were operating on me that the decision to do the full bypass vs. the sleeve was a difficult one and they labored over the decision in the operating room.  While he felt he was doing the right thing he was just not entirely sure that the choice he made was correct.  So when I say ”they” that means there was an attending surgeon, Dr. Sedgewick, who is based at the hospital on a 12 month fellowship.  I have met him before and knew he would be assisting Dr. Dan.  So any way…Dr. Dan tells me that the following Monday after my surgery he comes into the office and tells Dr. Sedgewick that he just got a page and that I am currently in the emergency froom with a racing heart and it looks like there are complications with my surgery.  He told him that he needed to get down there right away and start accessing the situation while he started to arrange for an operating room.  Dr. Dan told me that Dr. Sedgewick was pretty shook, because he was very aware of there troubled decision they made between the bypass vs. sleeve.  So he dropped everything and was headed for the door when Dr. Dan asked him a simple question.  Hey do you know what the date is today?  As loyal readers you know that obviously none of this happened to me…and the date of that Monday you ask?….Well it was April 1st.

Okay..for my Ukrainian peeps…this might have been lost on you.  So apparently you will need to Google American traditions and April 1st.  For everyone else that understands April fools I found this entirely entertaining and funny.  Because if there is one thing that I have, and I hope I never lose, it is my sense of humor and the ability to appreciate a good practical joke.  So I for one was very pleased that my situation was used in some way to prank someone no matter how macabre it was.  I was just pleased to know that Dr. Sedgewick cared enough and was shaken somewhat to the core over my “situation.”  For me that just means I had the right people working on me.

So folks here is where I sign off for now…but not with out giving you a status update on my weight.  So I got on the official scale and I am now down…drum roll please…..70lbs!  That’s right…since February 28th I have shed 70lbs which is the equivalent of losing 14 two-liter bottles of soda!  The number seems a little irrelavent to me since I really need to lose 70lbs more and then another 70 after that, but the journey of a thousand miles that started with a chocolate shake is most definitely in process.

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