NSV’s still rule the day over the scale

So it has been a number of days since I have last put anything up here.  I can hear my Ukrainian brethren calling out for me now…Where is Beeeg Guy?  So just to bring everyone up to date, I am doing just fine and I am still wasting away to nothing.  Okay…maybe not quite nothing, but I do continue to shrink.  I am seeing NSV’s more the SV’s but I am moving in the right direction.

Some of the NSV’s that I have noticed lately.

  • I am able to at least bend over now and tie a pair of tennis shoes.
  • I sat in a booth in a restaurant without having to move the table.
  • I am no longer taking the elevator up one floor at work.
  • I have gone down 2 shirt sizes in dress shirts.
  • I am on the last hole of a belt that I bought right before my surgery and it barely…and I mean barely fit me.
  • I have much more energy than before.
  • I don’t try to park in the absolute closest space I can find to the door.
  • I am sure there have been more, but those are some that I can think of off the top of my head.

 So let’s talk about the stuff that hasn’t gone well.  First of all if you are reading this and are contemplating the Roux-en-Y surgery or have just gone through the surgery, your mileage may vary against mine.  With that disclaimer out of the way let me just say that do what the doctor says…don’t try to jump ahead in the food game.  I thought I was feeling pretty good and thought, ha! I am okay, I don’t need to do all of the weeks of the pureed food stage.  Yeah…no so much.  I tried to move off the pureed foods and into soft and somewhat normal foods way to fast.  While I never got sick, I found myself being pretty miserable after a few meals where I tried to push the boundaries of correct food choices.  I thought at first maybe I was developing a stricture, but I hadn’t been sick and I figured let me go back a step in the food choices to see if that makes some sort of change.

 I have tried some chicken multiple times, fixed multiple ways, and each time I was sorry for eating it.  Last week after an extremely unpleasant experience with chicken I decided to go back to the mainly pureed stage of things, with lots of Greek yogurt (I got tired of cottage cheese) and a lot of soup and protein shakes.  I have found that the black bean soup from Panera Bread (probably not found in the Ukraine) makes a good lunch time meal in a snap.  It doesn’t look the most appetizing, but overall it is pretty good for me.  A cup of it, which I really can’t finish, only has 2 grams of fat and 8 grams of protein.  Chili has also been okay…but just remember what your doctor or nutritionist tells you about chewing.  You really want to make sure that you do eat slow and chew your food thoroughly.

 Well loyal readers…sorry, but this is a quick update.  Now that I am back to work and starting to feel normal again it makes it hard to keep up here.  I will try to keep up with a weekly update and musing.

So far total weight loss to date (starting February 28) is 77lbs.

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