New Doc…more pills…not great news

So I had my visit with my new “Liver Doc” today…and well loyal readers let’s just say I didn’t walk out of that office on a cloud.  Actually the cloud was over my head and felt ominous and weighed heavy.

So the news I got was something I already knew at a base level from my liver biopsy that was conducted during my surgery.  I was diagnosed with, as my new Liver Doc put it, “NASH” which stands for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.  He was a decent Doc as Doc’s go and sat and talked to me in an unrushed manner and drew me a nice little graph of how seemingly fucked I am right now.

So here is the black cloud news regarding NASH. For one there is no real cure, the best I can do is lose weight (already in process) and go on a vitamin E regimen, which means adding two more pills to my daily intake 10 pills or supplements I already take. So as a friend of mine remarked recently…yippee…skipee. Now I get to take 12 pills a day at varying intervals.

So along with no real cure the best I can hope for is that the weight loss and vitamin E will retard the process…and for all of that…I still have a 20-22% shot that the NASH will manifest itself into cirrhosis of the liver.  So when telling my wife this prognosis, and what the chance is for cirrhosis, she asked how I felt about that.  I know she was trying to be concerned…I’m sorry, scratch that…she wasn’t trying.  She was/is genuinely concerned…but the answer to that question is “not very fucking good.”  As it stands right now I have a 1 and approximately 5  chance of getting cirrhosis of the liver and the worse case scenario just before death would be having to get a liver transplant.  Well….you can just imagine the demons that are running loose right now in my head.

Currently I would place my mood somewhere between shitty to fairly pissed off at the world right now.  And while I am a glass is half full kind of guy…today I am seeing it a different way. Tomorrow will be a different day…but now twice a day whenever I take my vitamin E dose I will be reminded of something not very pleasant.

Oh…and while I am ranting…when in the hell is this electronic medical record thing supposed to take place?!?  I am tired of filling out my lifetime medical info over and over.  Especially when I am seeing doctors in the same hospital network.  Come on Summa…get your excrement together.

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