What rhymes with asturbation…

Well it is a fresh new week and I thought I would try to start it off with a blog post. Currently according to my scale I am just a hair over 80lbs down. This is a good thing obviously, though I still am not eating enough nor am I getting enough fluids.  Something I continue to have to work at.

For all the mothers out there, I hope that you enjoyed the day yesterday and that you were able to be pampered a little bit. I tried to do my part and presented my spouse with a gift from, obligatory flowers, and a small token of jewelry.  As well I took her breakfast order Sunday morning and made it to perfection. I also had a chance to spend some time with my mother yesterday which was nice since I had not seen her or my father since before my surgery. Actually they hadn’t seen me since I lost any of the weight I have. So we had a lot to talk about both with the surgery and the concerns over the liver issue.  It also, came out during the course of the conversation that my entire family was seemingly against my surgery at the beginning.  My parents never really voiced this before hand, they initially told me to do my research and said they would back me either way, but I see now this was just a placating move on their part.  Today they seem okay with it, still a lot of concern for the after effects from the surgery, but ultimately I think they are glad that I did go through with everything.

So I have started my twice a day vitamin E regimen.  Now initially when discovered I was going to have to ramp up my doses of vitamin E I harkened back to my childhood, more specifically my junior high and high school days when me and my friends would joke about taking vitamin E to enhance our newly developing post pubescent virility.  Now this was back in the day when I also believed in Spanish flies and was trying to figure out how to place an order for them from an ad I saw in the back of a Hustler magazine that I had tucked under my mattress.  I mean who could argue with a 100% guarantee.  Gratefully I never did get that figured out thus saving myself from wasting my money on that.

Now that I am taking 800iu’s a day I figured I would do a little more research on vitamin E and see what benefits I can expect besides hoping to keep the NASH from progressing any further.  As I Googled vitamin E and there was a variety of topics.  And when I specified “Sex Vitamin” then things really got interesting.

The most widely known health benefits of vitamin E (non-sex related) are protection against toxins such as air pollution, premenstrual syndrome (not a huge concern for me), eye disorders such as cataracts, neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes.  Okay…most of those are all pretty good reasons to take a supplement of it.

Now here are some interesting things I found out when it comes to how it affects the body from a sexual enhancement perspective.  The first is sperm motility…had to look that one up.  Basically guys if you have some lazy swimmers, vitamin E may not make them all into little swimmers like Michael Phelps, but it may improve their chances finding the finish line.  The second is increased sperm count.  This is obvious, the race to the finish line will now not only get to the finish line there will be a lot more competitors. And lastly, a boosted libido.  Okay…now we are cooking with gas (I think that saying may translate to my Ukrainian readers without further explanation.)…At 48 who can’t use a little jump start to the libido.  It is not like I am going to the doc and asking for some vitamin V, but as a guy approaching 50, any help I can get in that department is certainly not unwanted.

Now the sperm count and its motility are not a huge deal to me anymore…the libido thing, well folks that is a different story.  This is something that I certainly found interesting.  The article that I read was published on I will say that I would find the somewhat credible as is wasn’t directly selling me anything.  In the article it mentions that The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends a dosage of 400IU’s of vitamin E daily as a prevent and treat sexual dysfunction like a depressed sex drive that may be caused by a hormonal imbalance.  Huzzah!  My doc has me on twice that!  I am thinking right about now I may need to send that article to my wife.  Because if 400iu’s are recommended then at 800iu’s, well she may notice a little change about to happen in our relationship.  Hopefully she responds in the manner I am hoping.  Because if not, then the vitamin E may as well be called vitamin M.  And in case you don’t get the meaning of that…just think of a word that starts with M and rhymes with asturbation.  Here is hoping my tendonitis doesn’t flare up.

Well readers…with that being said I that will conclude today’s post.

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