My day no longer revolves around food…

So I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and we were talking about lunch and the lack of nearby healthy choices. I had a lunch meeting set at a restaurant and it was cancelled at the last minute leaving me to scramble for something to eat.  At this point I am being particular about what I eat, not only because my pouch is still sensitive to certain foods put I always look for protein rich foods. So when I need to do something on short notice my choice dwindle quickly and it can be difficult to find something.   However, the more important thing that I am discovering is that food is becoming unimportant to me…I am finding food to be a necessary evil.

Before my surgery I lived for my next meal, I was a foodie of sorts.  In the past lunch could be just about anything from sushi (one of my all time favorites) to a patty melt.  Sure I ate some healthy things, but many times it was only disguised as healthy.  One of my lunch staples when I needed something in a hurry was a Jimmy John’s sandwich.  They delivered and most of the time I could get it freakishly fast as their tag line says.  When I did order from them, I almost always ordered a sandwich on their 7-grain bread…trying to be healthy of course…hahahaha, but really the slices of bread were each an inch thick and then when you throw on meat, cheese, mayo and then drag it through the garden  It didn’t matter whether I ordered something “healthy” like turkey or not the sandwich would top 700 calories (over 900 if I ordered the Italian club sandwich), plus throw in a bag or chips and before you know it I might as well go grab a greasy burger and fries from any fast food joint.  It was a nice sandwich disguised as healthy, but in reality it was not better for me than

Flash forward to the present and when lunch comes I am having to force myself to eat and food just doesn’t hold an attraction to me.  Actually, this holds true for all meals. This morning  I was at a breakfast meeting at Bob Evans, and I watched two people gorge themselves on omelets, hash browns, sausage and toast with butter and jelly.   I sat contently and gorged myself on one over easy egg and an order of dry wheat toast of which I ate only one piece.  The kicker is I really couldn’t care less if I ate or not or what it was the others were eating.  I used to LOVE…and I do mean LOVE breakfast foods. For me breakfast nirvana would be eggs over easy with corned beef hash AND hash browns AND toast.  It is funny how in 7 short weeks my views on food have started to change.  From I would literally plan a day around food to having to force myself to eat.  Will this viewpoint change in the future?  I don’t some ways I hope it doesn’t, it is making life easier right now for me.

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