12 Week Update

Good day loyal readers…I am sorry it has been a few weeks since my last post and I haven’t been playing the part of a good blogger very well.  It is not because I am not thinking of writing something, it is just life is catching back up to me and the more weight I lose the more active I become and thus there is not as much time to write as I would like.  Plus I mainly do it on my lunch hour and I tend to get out of the office at that time now.

So let me bring everyone up to speed as to where I stand with everything as today marks my 12 week anniversary of my surgery.

First…my current weight on the unofficial home scale tells me that I am now in ”onederland” as far as pounds lost goes.  So far since February 28th I have lost 103#.  That is obviously a pretty big number, but the reality is I am not even half way home yet to what I want to lose.  So while I don’t discount the progress I need to stay focused on the long term goal and make sure I do the things they want me to.

Second…For those loyal readers out there you may remember my “What rhymes with asturbation?” post.  I have now incorporated an extra 800 units of vitamin E into my daily pill intake.  I am pleased to tell you that all of the rumors about that vitamin being a boost to the male libido are absofreakinlutely true and should certainly be believed of the benefits.  So that has been an added bonus. Now let’s just hope it is also having a positive effect on my liver.

Third…Clothes and how I am adapting.  Well that is a good news bad news scenario.  Good news I really have’t had to buy any new clothes beyond a couple of dress shirts and some new boxers. I know…TMI…sorry, but that is the real life.  Okay.. the bad news is that I have plenty of clothes in all sizes down to probably 2X…currently I am now down in the 3X range.  My wife commented the other day that it had been quite sometime since she had seen me in a particular shirt.  Well the truth was she had never seen me in that shirt because I bought it when I was still in denial about my ever growing size and it was too small.  I bought it over 2 years ago and never wore it until this week.  So the bad news is I have a closet full of clothes that vary from probably XL up to 5X.  My closet is a veritable Big and Tall Clothing store with a strong emphasis on Big and not so much on the Tall part.  The problem is that at one time less than 6 years ago I was within 25 pounds of my current goal weight and I screwed up and couldn’t maintain.  Makes me a little ill just thinking about that.

Fourth…Exercise.  I have still not done anything very formal though I am working on trying to incorporate more walking in my day.  I did time myself the other night and I walked a mile in just over 18 minutes.  I was pretty pleased as that was about the pace I was at before when I used to walk 3 miles a night.  Though I think I was in my late 30′s when I did that.  A more formal routine is coming including some workouts with weights.  The good news is that I am no longer getting real light headed like I once was.  I attribute much of that to cutting back on my blood pressure meds.

Lastly…NSV’s I have had a lot of NSV’s the most recent one I noticed was just this morning.  I climbed the stairs to the second floor to wake up on of my kids this morning and I climbed the stairs with out using the hand railing. I know…doesn’t seem like much, but really it is. First I actually climbed the steps instead of yelling for him to get up.  Secondly, I did it without the aid of the railing.  These are things that I would never be able to have accomplished just a month or so ago.  I feel so much lighter on my feet and with a lot more coodination.  Simply put, I have a lot more pep in my step going up and down stairs.

So this rounds out my update and where things stand.  I will try to be better about blogging, but don’t hold me to it.


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