The good, the bad, and ugly will come soon.

So it has been a few weeks since my last blog post and I am sure I left a few people wondering where things stand in my life.  I least I hear the chants coming from the Ukraine…”Beeg Guy where you been, what is happeneeeeng with you?”

Well to let everyone know the reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated and I am still alive and kicking.  So just to bring everyone up to speed as to where I stand in weight loss and life.  First the weight loss.  As of this morning on my new “unofficial” scale I am currently down 122 lbs.  I am inching closer to the point where my waist size will start with a 4 and my weight will start with a 2.  That will be a happy day when I get back down to those measurements.  At least I am now starting to fit back comfortably in 3X clothes.  Currently I have lost about 12 inches on my waist and 3 inches on my collar size.  So these are all great things, and I am pretty happy with all of my success.  My goal was to be at an even 300lbs by my birthday, and I am not quite sure I will make that goal, but it was an aggressive goal and if I fall a little short I won’t be to terribly disappointed.

Okay…so let’s cover the personal stuff.  So I know I signed off with the last post talking about going down the divorce road.  This has not changed and is becoming a very real thing.  So just to give to the facts and maybe a little more.  Though to protect the innocent and not so innocent I won’t be sharing everything with you.

So to give you the facts…I am currently separated from my spouse and I am living in what I would call Club Fed.  Basically it is a really nice jail cell…err efficiency type apartment at an extended stay hotel.  I know what you are thinking…some seedy place where hooks, pimps and drug addicts reside.  So far from what I can see it has been more like transient energy workers and thers that may be in the same situation as myself as well as a people coming in for major events in the area.

I am going on 4 weeks of being separated and I don’t see this situation changing and will most likely be definite.  Let me set the record straight by saying I am NOT happy about this, while my spouse may feel that this isn’t the case I am far from being happy about our situation, but I am a realist and I don’t think that ultimately we will ever be able to resolve our differences. So at this point I need to get on with my life and figure out how to rebuild it in the next 18 years so I have a shot at retirement.  Until then, my favorite word is “downsize.”  I am downsizing my life and my body at the same time, and hopefully when it is all said and done I will come out of this as a much happier person.  I will take the good and the bad, because sooner or later I know ugly will show its head.

The funny thing with this is I am also downsizing my friend base along with this.  Many of our mutual friends will be put into this quandry of who do they “side” with between my spouse and I.  I also find it funny that there are some friends that when they find out about the situation are unbelievably generous and offer couches, spare bedrooms and call to offer their moral support.  I guess that isn’t funny it is great to have a friend network like that.  The thing I do find funny is others that I have considered friends have run the other way and seemingly stuck their head in the sand when they find out. It is like I have a disease, or they are worried that if they call me they are going to get ”grumpy Gus” or the poor little ol’ me on the other end of the phone.  Which really is not the case…actually my spirits are mainly good and I really am not interested in talking about the situation as much as I am trying to move on with other aspects of my life. I am not looking for charity or pity from anyone, this bed was made by no one other than myself, but this has been somewhat eye opening to find out who your friends are and those that pretend to be one.

So for now I live to fight another day and I continue successfully on my weight loss journey.

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